viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

Luz Minerva

Somewhere in the lush diminutive island of Puerto Rico Luz Minerva was born. Inspired by an iron willed dynamic ever so chic and utterly petite gem of a lady with a passion for jewelry as a mode of self-expression has sown the seeds of what is today Luz Minerva.

Over three generations Luz Minerva has reinvented itself in line with changing times and now combines a genesis in the Caribbean with Barcelona based designs and ateliers in Dubai with numerous influences from the travels around the world of its designer, Laura Rosich-Medina.

Each Luz Minerva piece is hand made by our team of skilled artisans from Barcelona, Pakistan and India, who are helping to preserve traditional skills such as enamel work that are rapidly disappearing.

We hope that each Luz Minerva piece will add something unique to whom it adorns and that it continues to inspire self-expression and a passion for things different and beautiful.

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