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LUZ MINERVA'S ATHENS WORKSHOPThe experience of visiting our workshops is always full of excitement as it is the crucial moment when we see our designs converted to three dimensional pieces.  The moment when all the specifications and other types of communication converge to create a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Maria is in charge and we want to share with you these wonderful moments at the workshop.

Maria on her bench hand engraving a gemstone

 The ghyptographic technique requires patience and expertise
 The engraving is done with diamond points.
 Some of the many tools used in this process

The results of this process you have seen in our previous blog, INTAGLIOS, and can also be seen on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/LuzMinervaJewels) and website (www.luzminerva.com)

Many more wonderful items are coming soon and we will be delighted to show them to you.

The LM team

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