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UZBEK is one of several nomad tribes These are Kuchi (meaning nomad) tribes which are nomadic pastoralists.  These nomads are Sunni Muslims and travel the alpine routes between Pakistan and Afghanistan.  The Kuchi are migratory herdsmen and they depend on their livestock for survival.  Some of the tribes have recently settled due to the effects of war and drought.  The Kuchi groups are composed of different ethnic groups.

The earliest adornments found in Uzbekistan date back to the 12th century BC .  The jewelry of the Uzbecks is characterized by its richness of form, gracefulness of decoration and elaborated details.  Silver has always been the favorite material and perhaps it has to due with their belief that this metal neutralizes poisons, keeps off evil spirits and preserves purity.  Nevertheless, craftsmen in Bukhara preferred gold as it was abundant in the river running through its valley.  Their favorite technique has always been filigree, although, enamelling, engraving, metal carving and incrustations are also common.

Uzbek women love jewelry and this is very elaborate and received mostly at their weddings.  They continue using these jewels until the birth of their first child.

Uzbek tribes use big hanging imaginative adornments at the entrance of their tents to avoid evil spirits entering their dwelling.  These are composed of textiles, different metals, crystal beads, many of them with the eye, cymbals and a long etc.

Passion for jewelry, passion for beauty anywhere in the world across time boundaries..eternal. 

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