domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013


LUZ MINERVA is represented by a simple flower created by its designer when she was four years old.  Since then, that flower has assumed multiple shapes and colors, but always as a simple flower.
Inspiration is found in the garden along all the seasons and from a living element the LM flower is transformed into silver, gold, enamels, pavés and engraved on gemstones, carrying in its design and craftmanship the special energy of the garden´s flowers.
Our latitude in Barcelona is 42 N. and in spite of it and because of the mild Mediterranean climate  with its balmy breezes, the conditions for flowering plants to bloom all year round are found...from the simple yellow clover of winter to the more sophisticated hydrangeas of the spring and summer.  May, June and July are exceptionally bountiful, before the heat strikes.

The sprinkle of simple flowers is the basis of the LM flower, that simple, variable, yet recognizable flower, that has a presence on every item of LM jewelry.  It is a flower that in its simplicity wants to greet those who look at it and in its welcoming smile opens its heart to all of you...always remembering that it is a symbol of love and gratitude.  

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