lunes, 22 de abril de 2013


Komboloi means "think" in Greek.  The Komboloi is found in many countries under different names, like the worry beads of Guatemala, Panamá, Jamaica and

some parts of Africa; and fiddle beads in parts of the Mediterranean.
Komboloi is similar to a rosary, but it doesn't have a religious meaning, thus, different from a similar object used in Islamic countries for prayer.  Komboloi is considered a toy, to relax, relieve stress and anxiety...even to stop smoking.  Many years ago this object was only used by older men.  Nowawadays, it is used by all ages and both sexes.

The more common ones are made of amber or coral beads, but different types of seeds and shells are also used.  Some of them are real jewelry pieces of great beauty and can be expensive depending on the material and gemstones used..  It measures 32 cms long and the beads have an odd number between 17 and 21.  There is a special technique to play with it.

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