domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013


Its date is based on the Julian Calendar, while the Western World uses the Gregorian Calendar.  Greek Orthodox Easter is celebrated more than a month later than Western Easter.

This season is uniquely Hellenic in terms of food and traditions.  It is the greatest time for food, feasting and celebrating their Greek Orthodox faith.  Octupus, squid, prawns, cuttlefish, mussels, bean stews and salads are favorites in the meat free period that precedes the Easter Saturday.

Typically, every family dyes eggs, especially in red, to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and to celebrate life.  It is a time for busy cooking and baking.  It is a time for family, friends and relatives.
The Easter Table main dish is lamb or kid goat whole, spiced and roasted over a charcoal fire.

People participate in church activities, lighting their candles there and taking them home with the special blessing to last for the holidays.

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