miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013


As for any gemstone care, these simple rules will help to maintain our intaglios in healthy conditions for longlasting enjoyment.  Most of the rules are Do Nots, but at the end of the blog you will find the easy way  to do it.

-Do not store different stones together...they have different hardness and the harder ones may scratch the softer ones...individual cases or wrapping is best.

-Avoid washing hands with soap while wearing a quartz intaglio as soap may remain under the stone and will alter the aspect of the gem giving it a splashy tone.

-Do not use jewelry cleansing products on lacquered intaglios or on organic engraved stones such as:
      ..mother of pearl
      ..lapis lazouli

-Do not leave them sitting under the hot sun or heaters

-Avoid direct contact with hand creams, parfums and any kind of chemical substance...these, most especially, affect organic stones, soft stones and lacquer intaglios.

-Do not use ultrasound cleaning machines as an inner inclusion of the gemstone may become a crack.

So, then how should we clean them?

Easy and simple...clean the stones gently with a clean soft cotton fabric.

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  1. Thank you very much! Some pieces of jewellery are so delicate that I didn't know how to treat them before!
    Have a great day